Experiencing an increase in patient handoffs? Need a better way to sign out patients to the next shift? We’ve got the tools you need.

Smart Sign Out is changing the way doctors communicate about their patients.

Our native iPad and web apps sync in real-time. That means your patient lists are  always up-to-date, accessible any time, on any device.

This innovative, modern patient handoff system uses structured data to present information in a clear, consistent, and organized format in order to give care providers the ability to rapidly extract critical data needed to make safe patient care decisions.

Oh, and Smart Sign Out was named an Allscripts Open App Challenge Award Recipient at HIMMS13, an accomplishment we’re really proud of!

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More than 72% of users agree, Smart Sign Out helps improve physician to physician communication.

What can Smart Sign Out do for you? A lot.

Save Time

Being able to access an electronic sign out from more than one computer has decreased the average length of time for sign out by 39% based on post-pilot survey results from more than 500 users.

Improve Accuracy

After implementing Smart Sign Out, the accuracy and thoroughness of sign out data has improved. More than 73% of users updated the sign out document 2 or more times/day.

Improve Quality 

More than 63% of pilot users said Smart Sign Out equipped them with the critical data needed to make informed patient care decisions, contributing to the improved quality and continuity of care.

Reduce Errors

We know roughly 80% of medical errors can be attributed to failures in communication. Over 72% of users agree that Smart Sign Out improves physician to physician communication.

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