No more outdated lists, broken printers, or fighting to update the sign out document on a single computer in the resident call room.

Access Smart Sign Out from any desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

Smart Sign Out allows you to access and update your patient lists from anywhere with a web browser and Internet connection — including desktops, laptops, and mobile and tablet devices. It’s simple, easy, and intuitive to use. Take a tour of our software, and contact us if you’d like to register for a free demo account.



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Powerful Feature List

We’ve made more than 300 updates to our software since launching our beta program a year ago, thanks to the feedback from hundreds of residents, medical students, pharmacists, nurses, and other hospital staff. We’ve tailored our software to meet the needs of a wide audience, while ensuring we continue to deliver on our mission of creating simple, effective tools to improve patient safety and quality outcomes.

Here’s a list of some of the features we’ve built for you:

  • Day Calculators – to track length of stay, medication counts
  • Dashboard – gives users a high level overview of the team’s census, with visual cues that help you prioritize your day and tasks ahead
  • Easy Transfers – transfer patients to another team in a single click; all information entered about the patient will easily port over to the new team, reducing the need for redundant data entry
  • Collaboration in the “Cloud” – any team member can update the same patient simultaneously without fear of locking someone else out or losing your information; any update made on a mobile device will automatically be synced with the desktop version and vice versa
  • Accountability – every action taken within the system is tracked by user name, time, date, and the action (create, modify, delete) so you know exactly who updated the patient record last, and what time/date the update occurred
  • Past Visit Memory – readmitting patients is painless with our previous import data feature that allows you to selectively choose which pieces of data (allergies, medications, diagnosis, notes, tasks) that you want to bring back, saving you time
  • Patient Lookup – every patient record is tied to a medical record number (MRN) and date of birth (DOB); this data allows you to quickly lookup patients and view most recent visit information
  • Responsive Layout - the app was built to be responsive, meaning it will auto adapt to the device, browser, and platform that you are using to display in a nice, neat, organized format, often reducing the need for excessive scrolling
  • Accessibility – Smart Sign Out works on any device, regardless if you’re using a Mac or PC, or a iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, Android tablet, or Firefox / Safari / Chrome … if you can access the web on your device, you can access Smart Sign Out
  • Visual Cues – we built tons of visual cues into the application to help you triage and prioritize your day better; colors represent acuity levels, icons represent whether the patient is a private patient or is being covered by the hospitalists, and road icons help you see who is on deck to be discharged — that way you can make sure everything is in order before the patient is released
  • iPad Whiteboard – the iPad has a unique whiteboard feature that allows users to add an overlay to the screen and scribble diagrams, jot down notes, or use it for whatever they’d like, when they need to save a piece of information quickly that may not need to be entered into sign out


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Note: All names used throughout the site are strictly for demonstration purposes only and do not represent real patient data. All screenshots used are taken from a Smart Sign Out demo account. The demo accounts have been pre-populated with dummy data. We are fully committed to protecting patient health information.