Diagnosis Management

Sort primary vs. secondary diagnoses, while keeping track of a patient's active and resolved issues. Drag and drop to quickly re-order.

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Overview of Diagnosis Management

Diagnosis management is another feature classic to the handoff process that Smart Sign Out re-engineered to allow for structured, relational data. Here, users can input diagnoses the patient has, but go a few steps further and assign relations to medications (ensuring an association to the diagnosis and its medications), tasks that are to be done (ensuring the right task gets done for each of the patients’ problems), and even assign notes to the diagnoses allowing users to access further information rapidly.

Similarly, users can change statuses of the diagnoses, quickly editing them to be resolved, or even dragging-and-dropping them to re-order the list; putting the most urgent diagnoses at the top. Lastly, the diagnoses list is integrated with the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) ICD-9 diagnoses list to allow standardized diagnoses, as well as the option for free text. This provides extensive opportunities to audit the diagnoses encountered by users (of specific interest for Graduate Medical Education in the new era of clinical exposure competencies).

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