Relationship Linking

Link any item (diagnosis) to another item (medication) to provide team members context and rapid data extraction.

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Overview of Relationship Linking

One of the paramount features that takes Smart Sign Out beyond the traditional handoff document is the way Smart Sign Out was built from the ground-up with the intent of using relational data. Any of the data points in the system can be assigned to other data points, providing context.

In plain english, this means everything has the potential to be linked together — diagnoses can be linked to notes, medications or even tasks. So, along with the short task description of “Call Primary Doctor” a user can link a note, “Call Primary Doctor, Doctor Johnson (555) 555-5555 about what happened the last time this patient got a dose of Methotrexate for their Rheumatoid Arthritis,” and also link it to the patient’s Methotrexate in the medication list, as well as Rheumatoid Arthritis in the diagnoses list.

This feature allows for fast access to tons of information to help providers make rapid patient care decisions. More importantly, it helps facilitate users to provide clinical context to the data in the handoff document.

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