Task Management

Create, assign, and manage tasks to ensure all patient tasks are accounted for and completed.

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Overview of Task Management

A crucial aspect of the sign out process is identifying all of the tasks that still need to be completed and assigning those tasks to the oncoming provider(s). Smart Sign Out has a robust task management system built-in where users can create tasks, assign them to other users on the team, and even assign priorities.

Tasks can also be assigned associations through relationship linking with notes (providing more information or clinical context for the task), medications, or diagnoses. Tasks can be moved and prioritized by dragging-and-dropping within the task list. After a task is completed, the user clicks on it and it turns grey and drops to the bottom of the list signifying its completion.

Furthermore, users have access to the task management system which allows them to see all of the tasks assigned to them in one easy screen, as well as all of the tasks they have assigned to other users and their statuses.

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