Team Dashboard

Get an overview of the patients on your team and quickly triage patients by acuity to address the most critical needs first.

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Overview of the Team Dashboard

The team dashboard gives care providers an overview of the patients on a medical team. It provides key details about every patient to give you a high-level view of patients under your care: name, medical record number, date of birth, room number, code status, allergies, primary diagnosis, and names of providers (intern, resident, attending) assigned to that patient.

Sort your patient list:

  • by acuity in order to quickly prioritize your to-do’s for the day;
  • by room number for rounds to ensure no patient gets missed;
  • or by patient last name for quick reference


Triage your patients using our visual cues. The patient cards are color-coded based on level of acuity so you can address the most critical patients first and balance admissions to your service. A road icon appears to the left of patients that are on-deck to be discharged to help physicians and providers prepare patients to go home. A red “H” icon distinguishes patients covered by a hospitalist service vs. private group (H icon).

The left sidebar contains a list of all patients and remains docked on the left side of the screen. So, no matter what other screen you’re looking at, your team’s patient list is always accessible.

From this screen, you can also:

  • print a PDF of sign out
  • view current patient census
  • see which patients are assigned to a hospitalist service
  • see how many patients are scheduled to be discharged that day
  • see how many outstanding tasks are assigned for each patient
  • change your default team to a new team or leave a team


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