Med Enhancements, Cover Sheets & More – The October Update

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The first month of our pilot is officially under our belts and we’re excited to bring new teams on-board. If you would like to pilot test the medical sign out software at your hospital or demo the app, please contact us for more information. We are eager to get the app into more hands so we can continue to improve it.

During the past four weeks, more than 100 suggestions were submitted to us by interns, residents, attendings, and medical students. Almost every idea made the app better. We’re really proud to say that 99% of the changes agreed upon by our pilot team have been implemented as of today. All changes are live on the web version of the app. The iPad app update has been submitted to the iOS App Store and is awaiting approval.

Here’s a list of the changes in the October update.

Sign Out Cover Sheet

You now have the ability to add a PDF cover sheet to the sign out when it’s printed. This sheet will be added to the beginning of the sign out. For the time being, this cover sheet must be uploaded as a PDF. If you need assistance creating a PDF from your document, please contact us.

You will find the upload option on the new settings page by clicking the “cog” icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Long Tasks Display

Long tasks descriptions will now show fully on the task view instead of being truncated.

Patient Age

The patient age will now show Months old if younger than a year, Days old if younger than a month.

Medication Types

You can now specify whether a medication is new (in-patient) or is being taken at home.

Tasks I’ve Created

The ‘My Tasks’ page now show tasks assigned to you and any tasks that you’ve created (for active patients) regardless of whether or not they were assigned to anyone.

Code Status Print

The Code Status has been made more prominent on the print out.

Advanced Directives

You are now able to add free text details about an ADV code status. When you choose the ADV code status a new text box will appear for the details and advanced directives. These details will appear on the patient detail screen as well as the print out.

Item Sorting / Re-ordering

You now have the ability to drag and drop items on the patient details view to adjust their display order. This works for Allergies, Diagnoses, Medications, Tasks, and Notes. Simply click and hold on an item, then drag and release it in its new location.

Show Tasks You’ve Assigned to Others

A new tab on the ‘My Tasks’ page allows you to monitor tasks that you’ve assign to others in addition to tasks that are assigned to you.

Dashboard Sort Order Memory

The patient cards on the dashboard will now remember the last sort order you chose to view them in and default to that when you visit the page.

Update Medication Details

The medication details now show the frequency and route. It also shows the number of days the patient has been on that medication and how many days (if an End Date is set) the course is.

Patient Filter

Added a default toggle to only show patients that are part of your team on the Patient tab.

New Visit from Patient

Added a link to start a new visit for a patient that you’ve selected on the Patient tab.

Bug Fixes

Loads of them, mostly related to Internet Explorer 7

Just a quick reminder — all screenshots used on the blog or throughout the website are taken from a Smart Sign Out demo account. The demo accounts have been pre-populated with dummy data. We are fully committed to protecting patient health information.

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