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We’re back with another web update based on feedback from our pilot team residents. The second iPad update should be close behind, but alas we are at the mercy of the Apple App Store and their approval process. The first iPad update was released on 10/30, so check the App Store to get the current version.

Here’s what’s new on the web as of 11/12/12

Lab Results Section

We’ve added a free text section for lab results on the patient details view. The notes block in the bottom right now has three tabs. Clicking the tabs will switch which notes your are viewing. Lab notes have been added as a new column on the print out as well.

Night Team/Coverage Instructions

We’ve added a free text section for coverage instructions on the patient details view. The notes block in the bottom right now has three tabs. Clicking the tabs will switch which notes your are viewing. Coverage instructions will be appended to the notes column in the print out.

Below you’ll find the added labs and night coverage instructions on the print out copy of the sign out document.

Neither of these sections takes up any additional real estate on the screen, keeping the interface clean, simple, and organized.

My View Dashboard

You now have the ability to add patients to a personal watch list called “My View”. You can add and remove patients from this view without affecting any other team, and the view is not shared with anyone else. To add a patient to “My View”, click the gear icon on any patient card and choose “Add to My View” from the menu. This feature is commonly used for following specific patients (maybe you did a consult on one) or cross-covering teams.

Clicking on the “My View” tab will take you to a personalized view of patients. You can remove patients from your view at any time by clicking the gear icon and selecting “Remove”.

Default Sort Order

The default sort order for the dashboard view and for printing will now be sorted by Room Number. Click on the up/down arrows to sort by ascending or descending order.

Patient Count

The web dashboard now displays a count of the total number of patients for the team.

Internet Explorer 7 Fix for Dashboard Action Menu

The action menu on each patient card on the dashboard screen has been adjusted to work with Internet Explorer 7. Previously the menu items would not respond properly.

That’s it for now!

Interested in learning more about Smart Sign Out? Take a tour, or contact us for a demo.

Note: all screenshots used on the blog or throughout the website are taken from a Smart Sign Out demo account. The demo accounts have been pre-populated with dummy data. We are fully committed to protecting patient health information.

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