Patient Whiteboard & Print PDF – iPad Update Version 1.2

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Version 1.2 of the Smart Sign Out iPad app is now available for download in the App Store.

This update includes:

  • My View” screen, where providers can track a personal list of patients not shared with others
  • a new whiteboard feature
  • ability to download a PDF version of the sign out document directly to the iPad

The Patient Whiteboard

To activate the whiteboard, look for the pencil icon on the top of the screen. Clicking on the icon will overlay a transparent screen over the patient detail card. The overlay will darken the screen; however, you’ll still be able to see all of the info about the patient.

Use your finger or your iPad stylus to add notes or circle items for follow-up. When you’re done, hit the Save button. Now, anything that was drawn on the whiteboard is now accessible by all members of the team that is following that specific patient.

Other team members are free to write additional notes, or, clear the board and start again. Clearing the board will erase all doodles on the transparent overlay (just as if you used an eraser on a whiteboard). You will not be able to recover previously drawn images.

Not only does this whiteboard make it easy to jot down a note or reminder while you’re on-the-go; it provides you with a teaching tool to educate patients and family members at the bedside (or even interns and medical students). You don’t have to fumble around your iPad to look for another app to draw in. With a single click, you can be freely illustrating diagrams in seconds.

Print PDF of Sign Out Document to iPad

You now have the ability to print a PDF of your patient list for sign out directly to the iPad. We’ve built the print PDF functionality into the app so you don’t have to take the extra steps (and time) of generating the document on the web, then emailing it to yourself. Simply sort, hit the arrow icon, and select “Get PDF”. You must have a PDF viewer app already installed.

Open the document in the reader of your choice, and there you have it.

The print PDF feature is nice because it encourages our users to go digital during sign out instead of printing a paper copy of the document. Anything we can do to encourage less printing will save paper and ink, as well as help protect patient health information.

Ongoing thanks to our pilot teams for submitting suggestions and feedback. We hope these software enhancements help make patient handoffs and resident sign outs more efficient, accurate, and safe.

Interested in learning more about Smart Sign Out? Take a tour, or contact us for a demo.

Note: all screenshots used on the blog or throughout the website are taken from a Smart Sign Out demo account. The demo accounts have been pre-populated with dummy data. We are fully committed to protecting patient health information.

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