Smart Sign Out 2.0 Brings Responsive Design, Makes App Beautiful on Any Device

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You may have noticed some big changes to Smart Sign Out over the past couple of weeks. Our team is excited to announce Smart Sign Out 2.0, the first major upgrade to the web application since our initial launch. Not only did we greatly enhance the software with new features, we worked tirelessly to bring a first-class mobile experience to our users through a responsive web design.

Note: While we did conduct compatibility testing with older legacy browsers such as Internet Explorer 7, we strongly recommend upgrading to a modern browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome to take advantage of our new features.

Let’s dive in.

Responsive & Mobile-Friendly Design

First up is the new, sleek, responsive design. In an effort to keep the user interface (UI) consistent across a wide range of platforms, the web app was re-written to provide a dynamic layout optimized for a wide range of devices. You can now use the web app on your smartphone or tablet device and it will be as beautiful as it is on the web.

Here’s what it looks like on an iPhone:



Here’s what it looks like on an iPad:


iPad 2

Here’s what it looks like on an Android device:


Android 2

The responsive layout automatically adapts to fit the resolution/screen size of the browser you are currently viewing — making it easy for users to read and navigate the app. This allows for an optimized viewing experience whether on mobile vs. dekstop, portrait vs. landscape mode, and Android vs. iOS.

Now, physician attendings, interns, and medical students that don’t have an iPad can login to Smart Sign Out from an iOS or Android device (tablets included) and view/update patient lists in real-time with the rest of the team.

Improved Data Entry

We’ve changed the way that you input patient data on the web. Instead of a pop up window (when adding a medication, for example), a new form will appear where the listed medications were previously.

Here’s what it looks like before adding a new med:

Add Medications Example

Here’s what it looks like when you add a new med:


These forms also appear when adding Allergies, Diagnoses, Tasks or Notes. Additionally  keyboard shortcuts have been added to these forms as well. You can press the Enter key to save the form and quickly begin again, and the Escape key to close the form. All of these forms have are mobile-friendly.

Patient Transfers

To improve the way that patients are transferred from one team to another, we’ve added a Transfer Patient button which will handle everything for you in a single click. The Transfer Patient button is green, and can be found next to the Discharge Patient button at the top of a patient detail screen.


Discharge Patient Warning

The Discharge Patient button will now warn you when you’re attempting to discharge a patient that belongs to multiple teams. You will have the option to remove individual teams directly from the warning window rather than discharge.


Care Team Information

The PMD, Attending, and Intern information can now be viewed on the Dashboard by hovering over the person icon on each card.


If your screen size is large enough, this data will appear automatically on each patient card.


We hope you enjoy version 2.0 and find that it’s easier to use.

If you are still using an older browser such as IE7, we strongly encourage you to upgrade to a more modern browser to take full advantage of our new features.

As always, please keep the suggestions coming. We are committed to making Smart Sign Out the most accurate patient handoff tool in the world. Thank you for your ongoing support and your kind words about our recent award. We are honored and have already started working on Phase 2.

Interested in piloting Smart Sign Out in your hospital or program? Contact us to learn more about our pilot programs, and create a demo account to see if our software is right for you.

Note: all screenshots used on the blog or throughout the website are taken from a Smart Sign Out demo account. The demo accounts have been pre-populated with dummy data. We are fully committed to protecting patient health information.

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Tiffany Tcheng

I am a co-founder of Smart Sign Out and an internet marketer at Cypress North. Previously, I worked in Public Relations at nonprofit Banner Health, and graduated from Arizona State University with a Master's in Healthcare Innovation.

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